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Literally « looking for fish in the wave », this type of fishing from the beach or rocky dyke is a wonderful school to learn patience, observation, and knowledge of the sea world. 

For hours it puts the fisherman in contact with the sea on unforgettable sunrise and sunset backgrounds. 

Our service provider : Association Méditerranéenne de Surfcasting

                                   André RUABERCHERA

Services :                    Sessions, half days, night fishing (between 10 pm and 7 am).

Audience :                  from 12 years old.

Equipment :                swimming costumes, shoes, baits, warm clothes and snacks for night outings.

Prices 2009 (valid until 30/06/2010) :


Prix TTC /person

Discovery session (2 hours)

40,00 €

Half day session (4 hours)

50,00 €

Night fishing (4 hours)

80,00 €



Reduced price for children (under 18 years old)


Reduced price for students (cardholders only)




Off-season reduced price (except July and August)




Reduced price for groups


from 10 persons


from 20 persons


from 50 persons



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